Sep 10, 2007

The chosen herbs

Rummi has a whole list of herbs to grow. Some are chosen cos they are 'cooking-steroids' (taste boosters), are nature's medical gifts, or visual-delights on top of their main roles!

THYMES : Kitchen's best performer cum all-rounder. Medically useful in combating cough & bronchitis; or as an antiseptic. Makes an aromatic little bush on the coffee table too.
OREGANO : Tomatoes' best partner in the plate. Delightful with grilled meat too.
PARSLEY : The italian-version of asian's coriander. Italian kitchen's all-rounder.
BASIL : Tomatoes' best partner in the plate & in the planting pot. Growing multiple colors & leaf-patterns; will be garden's visual-enhancer.
CILANTRA : Soup in asian kitchen just dun taste good enough without coriander leaves! Ditto (some) indian curries. Asian all-rounder.
GARLIC CHIVES : Compulsory in the savoury pancakes & dumplings.
PANDAN : Indispensable in (southeast) asian desert kitchen. Double-casting in some main dishes as well, such as chicken rice & nasi lemak.
ROSEMARY : Is a lovely bushy shrub covered with tiny little flowers. Makes a good herbal tea and occasional cake. Superb for cooking with chicken & lambs.
CAMOMILE : Specially chosen for its lovely aromatic daisy-like flowers. Medically useful in soothing irritated stomach & bowels. Is an aromatic mood-enhancing tea on hot afternoons.

Sep 4, 2007

Planting list

Here is Rummi's planting list...

- Cocktail tomatoes
- Costoluto genovese tomatoes
- Black plum tomatoes
- Green zebra tomatoes
- Cherokee tomatoes
- Pessimmon tomatoes
- Gherkins
- Crystal apples
- Butter french beans
- Soy beans aka Edamame
Chillies/ peppers
- Capsiciums, mixed colors
- Sweet peppers, Antohi romanian
- Silverbeet, Fordhook
- Silverbeet, Bright lights
- Spinach
- Choy Sum
- Pak Choy
- Qing Choy
- Leeks, Musselburgh
Culinary & flowering herbs
- Oregano
- Parsley
- Cilantra
- Thymes, Thymes vulgaris
- Rosemary
- Camomile, Bodegold german
- Basils, mixed
- Garlic chives
- Pandan
- Sunflowers, Golden crown
- Morning glories, Heavenly Blue

Little urban farmer

With the wedding, came a new life & goal - 'May we grow old AND HEALTHY together'!

With the new flat, comes a sunny little balcony, 3th floor in the air. This is where the action will start this December.

Watch Rummi as she plays the new role of the Little Urban Farmer;)