Apr 26, 2008

Mushrooms from nowhere

Here's some mushrooms. They came 3days ago during the wet-wet-week. We had such a windy balcony on the 3th floor! Unknown weeds seeds and mushrooms spores got blown into the pots from the surrounding garden.

Oregano are cute-looking herbs

Some of their growing-up photos...

Gherkin is a happy cucumber

Since the quick sprint from seed, this cucumber has been growing steadily. In fact, roots had already crawled out of his pot! Makes me wonder if the 30cm(dia) pot is sufficient.

Apr 23, 2008

Growing along the corridor

What shall i do with the corridor space, and we have so much of them. Look left, look right :)

Besides the morning glory pot on the right, climbing its way up and subsequently to twill around the railings, creating a romantic entrance without the arch in future... ... what else can i grow out there?

The left corridor is mostly shady, catching some short hours of afternoon sun.

The right corridor is sunny, and rising with the sun.

Culinary herbs

At this moment, there are only coriander, rosemary, indian borage and oregano.

Thymes, parsley and basils are still germinating.

Chives are a dismal (twice), they grew half-heartedly, then stay put at 20cm. I gave up on them :p

Apr 22, 2008

Apr 17, 2008

Prematured giant sunflower

She thought she's a daisy !

The seed-packet says 'Golden Crown Sunflower, grows up to 2 metres tall'... but tis baby bloomed at 80 cm tall. And she barely even looks developed.

Will certainly make Attempt#2. Soon. Shall wait for sunny May/Jun/July.

Apr 8, 2008

Chlorophyll day

Day of gorgeous sunshine! (that dun come often during this period)

While all the green-babies are busy running the production lines; the rest of the pets are sun-tanning on the balcony.

Apr 6, 2008

Morning glories seedlings, heavenly blue

Sowed 22Mar'08. Foto taken on 6Apr'08. Day-16.

These seeds germinated with no fuss. Just 'plug' into soil, keep moist, and they sprouted the next day.

The morning glories are temporarily residing on the balcony. Will be moved out onto the corridor once they start to climb the string-support. Their designated duties are to send Waimun off to work every morning;)

Gherkin cucumber seedlings

Sowed on 19Mar'08. Photo taken on 6Apr'08. This is Day-19 already. Growth had being interrupted by stretches of overcasted and rainy days.

What baffled me is how dramatically different in sizes between the 2 seedlings below, both sowned on the same day !

Apr 5, 2008

Counting every leaf every hour

Babies -Fruiting vegetables
- Cocktail tomatoes
- Costoluto genovese tomatoes
- Black plum tomatoes
- Green zebra tomatoes
- Gherkin cucumbers
- Sweet peppers, Antohi romanian
Babies -Green vegetables
- Silverbeet, Dwarf
- Silverbeet, Bright lights
- Choy Sum
- Pak Choy
- Qing Choy
Babies -Herbs
- Oregano
- Parsley
- Cilantra
- Basils, mixed
- Garlic chives
Babies -Flowers
- Morning glories, Heavenly Blue

- Soy beans aka Edamame; flowering
- Rosemary; adopted from nursery
- Sunflowers, Golden crown

At the beginning

The new garden is lined with pots of tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers & butter beans seedlings in Jan'08.

Then came freaky weather with extended periods of heavy rains and cloudiness. Some succumbed to moulds. Most refused to grow. One was blown down by a gust of wind.

And bouts of aphids-attacks which overtook the flowering soybeans & butterbeans plants.
... ...
March parted the clouds, and sunshine poured from the sky more often than rain. Re-sowed seeds and new vegetable seedlings basked under the sun and grew into happy little seedlings.

Rummi 'stole' orange rinds from the kitchen, blended then with a couple of chilli-padis, steeped the mixture in hot water overnight... and wash out the pots. Aphids scrambled and died. The battle is won, the organic way! All the pots are happy now. Now they continue to receive regular Spicy-spray-down.