May 29, 2008

My heirloom tomato fantasy

Acquired a tomato-tastebud since the RTW-backpacking that started in 2000. Backyard tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, un-commercial tomatoes, however u choose to call them; they are simply divine!

Had made several attempts on growing heirloom tomatoes since the year began. This is by far, the healthiest-looking seedling. Uncertain how far she can go, or maybe just a slim chance to walk all the way to fruiting... well, at least i made an attempt on a dream :)

Holy, Thai & Sweet basils - Collection completed

With the acquisition of holy basil from Monday's shopping trip, my collection of Basils-Trios for kitchen adventures is complete ;)

Baby bamboo, 8cm tall, from Uncle Green-fingers

Maggie drove by to visit an old church-uncle. And he possess the legendary Green Fingers! Everything he touches will grow.

This little cup of cute baby-bamboos is a present from Uncle-green finger.

New acquisitions from tai-tai shopping trip

Monday was a half-day 'tai-tai' date with Maggie. OMG, she sure luv nursery-hopping!

Here's new acquisition from World Farm...

Phyllantrus paker, sitting on the corridor


Sawtooth coriander, in the the beans trough

Holy basil

May 16, 2008

Garden grown up a little more

Self-satisfaction in watching the garden grown up, though its just a little bit... hehe

May 13, 2008

AV is a purple chiffon dress

All ladies should have an African Violet in their garden. Like a purple chiffon dress in the wardrobe, for the evening when one ditches the little black dress for a feminine piece.

May 7, 2008

Propagating from stems & leaves cuttings

Learning to propagate from stem cuttings and leaves cuttings. Both the Indian Borage and Thai Basil cuttings had nicely grown new roots. Time to pot them.

And Esther, Thai Basil babies are ready for your adoption :) See photo below...

Thai basils for the wok

Love thai food ! My own basils (grown from seeds) are simply not growing fast enough to go into the wok :p

Last weekend, I bought this pot of Thai-Basil from FEF nursery Kovan. That should feed us for a long while :) The purple flower-stalks are really pretty. Pity that i'll have to snip them off soon so that the plant can concentrate on generating leaves for our cooking.

Another cucumbers story

One saturday, Green Culture Gardening Forum arranged for an Edibles-gardeners' gathering. Seeds were freely circulated. Here's 2 more varieties of cucumbers added to our balcony-garden.

Sowed 2 seeds each of Crystal Apple and Richmond Green on 21Apr'08. Photo below shows progress on Day-17... One of the Richmond Green failed to germinate. The surviving one (rightmost on photo)is growing slower than the other 2 Crystal Apple...

Generally everything is growing s-l-o-w-l-y. Weather in Spore this year is strange. Rainy still in May when we should have been toasting-hot. Hmm.

Waiting for a cucumber harvest

Happy-gherkin has been flowering, happy rummi has been counting flowers...
so when will the cucumber come ??