Jun 29, 2008

Visit to Punggol community garden

Here's a wonderful community garden in Punggol, under the 'command' of Velvetine-the-dimpled...

THIS is Velvetine-the-dimpled...

and here's Solonavi and Velvetine standing inthe middle of the community garden. Vel was hanging on to her very precious and unique tilandsias pot.

LittleRedRidingHood & BigBadWolf

Little red riding hood went hiking in the passionfruit forest in Punggol Community Garden...

Along came big bad wolf...

Little red riding hood fled...

Err, wat an untidy escape across the aloe vera field, hehe

Jun 24, 2008

New layout - Making space for new pots

Two new tomatoes plants & two new cucumbers plants are ready to be go into their final pot. And that's a lot of space to ask from a HDB-flat's balcony and small stretch of corridor.

This calls for ruthless spring-cleaning!! All the bean plants in the corridor trough are taken down. Their ill-health is apparent.

With the corridor rack freed up now, the Basil-Trios moved out...

...here's an 'After'-foto showing the balcony looking naked without the lush-&-green basils...

... and here's the 'Before'-foto for comparison.

Costoluto genevese, tomato plant is flowering

Standing at 50cm tall, she is flowering :)

Jun 13, 2008

First cat in the balcony-garden

Maggie gave us a 'cat'. Is that a sign of a a real cat coming soon? i dream...

Jun 11, 2008

DIY corridor racks from GaruBoy

Garuboy is a DIY-veteran. He fabricated this corridor rack for us with leftover metal hollow-sections, steadest material for such a purpose. With the rack hanging on the corridor parapet wall, the young beans' box gets a nice suntan; while we get tis greener entrance :

GaruBoy sponsored the corridor rack. Rummi sponsors his seeds. We are happy neighbours in 'Sengkang resort park' :D

Jun 10, 2008

Vacation self-watering set-up

Rummi & Mocha went away for a week. Nice-maggie and nice-daniel offered to 'babysit' our green pets. But there are simply too many pots to move, so all stay put in on the balcony :p

In the end, ever-so-creative rummi set up an experimental greenhouse-environment for the plants; whereby oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water circulate/re-circulate/recycle within each pot during this period.

The method - (LOL) CLINGWRAP the pots ! Here's some fotos :-

Failed cases are
-> Tomato seedling. Clingwrapped too tightly, the weak seedling's stem flopped.
-> African violet. Too much recycled moisture in box, leaves & flowers rot away. Will punch a few ventilation holes next time.

The rest survived! And thats 95% success rate ;) The herbs, beans & tomato plant even happily 'flourished' in the clingwrapp-ed enclosure.

Think im ready to go travel frequently from now on :D