Aug 31, 2008

Wish list

Sunshine, Peppermint, Chocolate mint, Basil (except sweet, thai & holy), Sawtooth coriander, Thymes, Sage, Tongue-of-fire bean
... ...

Bunny & tortise race - Cucumbers & tomato plants

Here's my cucumbers (Richmond green & Crystal apple; from YATES) and heirloom tomato (Costoluto genevese; from SWALLOWTAIL) plants.

Both trying to be the tortoise in the fruiting race!!

3 costoluto genevese tomatoes, under-sized and unripe, had been hanging there for a whole month, neither growing further nor 'fading' off.

Both cucumber has been throwing out displays of yellow male flowers. The females flowers with baby-cucumber attached only started to appear this week.

For the time being, i continue to water and fertilise them impatiently; while buying commercial cucumber and tomatoes off NTUCs to fix the cravings.

Cuucmbers being left pot on the floor; tomato being right pot on the floor.

Tell me how to cook oregano

Its only a 15cm pot but they grow really quick. Oregano must have love Singapore very much! Till i find more ways to utilize them... ...

Indian borage is an independent herb

Indian borages are such sweet companions on the little balcony. Leave them pretty much alone, and they will take care of themselves. A little caress and they give u nice sweet aroma for a long while.

Wonder if they will ever flower for me... cos its unheard of IB to flower in tropical singapore.

These kids are capable of growing into big 'bushes'. To keep them compact, i am 'restricting' them in small pots, like these.

Pak choy -harvested

Here's KY-early Park Choy harvested and cooked into soup.

Seeds are from Known-you. Veg are short and compact (around 20cm tall), nice-stasting greens without fibrous stems.