Sep 5, 2008

Tomatoes are smarter than cucumbers

Four days after posting this complaint about the progress of the tomato and cucumber plants, Miss Costoluto Genevese ripened up! She must have been secretly surfing this blog!

Lets hope she'll teach mister cucumbers soon how to get onto my wireless internet too;)

Given tat the harvested tomato can be sitting so comfortably on the lap of Rummi, it's obviously a twig too tiny! This is an heirloom tomato tat is supposed to be the size of Jean's closed fist, at least. Wonder if the 2nd round of fruiting will right this problem?...

Bay leaves

In Wellington botanical garden (NZ), bay leaves grow into bushes at the herbs garden:)
Wed's Worldfarm-excursion, little bay leaves plants from Holland are for sale at $18 each. That's expensive for a small herbs... but i simply couldn't resist. So it was acquired!

Mini-orchid bloomed again

This mini-orchid bloomed a second time, and tis time, the color is much deeper purple. hmm...