Nov 29, 2008

Kimi Bluemoon

So this is our Blue pet;) She likes to lie on e floor n stretch herself veeeery long into a roll of grey carpet on our laminate floor.

Nov 24, 2008

New season new pets - Green & Blue

Nov/Dec is very pleasant on a tropical island. Rain comes frequently while the clouds shield off the blazing sun rays. Even the view from our little balcony got all dreamy and holiday-resort-looking ;)

With all the buzz-buzz in work n studies completed/procrastinated, now is a good time to start the 'food chain' for 2009. Here's the new Green-pets coming up...

On top of these, our new Blue-pet is coming home with us tis friday. She's a British Blue Shorthair kitten. Susan gave these catnip plants to Kimi. Hmm, Kimi is all pampered with gifts even before she come!

Mister-Oregano is my favourite. He's been around since this little balcony-garden started in Jan. We haven't been able to cook him fast enough to match his growth speed; so tat's how he became a hanging-pot-of-oregano, shaggy hair and moustache. LOL