Jan 29, 2009

Favourism killed the Toms

These are my precious heirloom tomato plants- expensive and scarce seeds, carefully monitored to grow to this healthy stage of plant's life. I spray down the balcony-garden with cooking oil and detergent mixed with water once in a while to keep pests in tab (or kill). Timing is crucial in sprays like that, strong sun rays will cook the plants through the oil deposited by the spray.

That morning, I took too long to feed and play with Kimi-the-kitten during her breakfast hour. By the time I sprayed down the plants, the sun is right at my tail, winding up the day with its best rays, which on this unfortunate day, will see the cooking of the tomato plants straight in their pot!

Here's a big blow to a gardener's work morale; an especially heavy one that came with clear knowledge on the burning effect of oil spray, and time of the killer-rays, yet I'd blatantly ignored them.

The Toms are buried with remorse. New seeds are sowed in their places. Hmm, will these new kids be willing to germinate for me after 'tasting' the unfortunate death of the generation before them... ...

Jan 19, 2009

Durian IN ; Catnip OUT

Live in Singapore, then eat like a Spore (err) cat! Kimi loves to eat durian. An overwhelming interest she showed to durian which do not exist in catnip.

And NOPE, im not putting any durian tree on the growlist, LOL

Jan 13, 2009

Maple tree on a tropical island

Nursery-shopping bugs caught on waimun and i. We brouht back a maple tree tis time. LOL

Imagine a maple tree on a tropical island... hmm... is it ever going to survive, grow new leaves, turn red, and shed again next year ?!?! We dun koe.

Maple tree with cranberry-red leaves. Estimated height- 2metres tall.

Coleus simply look like colourful lettuces. And they will grow fine without direct sun. Perfect for tis location.

The make-over corridor looking and smelling great now :)

We self-imposed a ban on our visiting nurseries again for undefined period of time.

Jan 9, 2009

Fantasy list - Kittens growing on vines

If only kittens grow on vines too! Then i can train them up the poles, and pluck them when they are mature... no more kitten-on-laptop/books/printer/fax machine, or kitten playing in wet bathroom, n walking pawprints all over the flat.

...she jumps around
...she rolls over in the middle of the room
...she attempts to do my filing
...she sorts my receipts by destruction
...she lies on textbooks n laptops to inhibit work so tat we play with her.
notti notti

Jan 2, 2009

CNY plant is - Jasminum Sambac

If we collect enough of the flowers, maybe we'll get jasmine-perfumed home tis Chinese New Year ;)

Luv the pot stand. Luv the double-petals. Luv the stronger fragrance in the single-petal. Simply cant decide which i like more. He he.



Lovely pot stand