Mar 10, 2009

Old grannies' tomatoes are flowering

They are known in their politically-correct names as 'Heirloon tomatoes'. But HT-growers know that they are (mostly) old grannies, slow to grow, takes their rocking-sweet time to flower and fruit; and production can't beat the new-age commercial tomato kids.

Yet we fall in love with their good old taste, and will wait patiently for our good old grannies.

Thought they are flowering now, but it is impossible to put a date on the calendar for that Togo Trifle African Tomatoes salad, and Fautome Du Loas Tomatoes salad... cos we'll never know when they are ready for harvest. LOL

Here's two Trifle African babies.

Mar 6, 2009

Textures are fun

Herbs need not be just an aroma-thing. Give the nose a break, and use the fingers some times ;)

Sage (above)
Lavendar Goodwin Creek (below)

A backpacker's garden

What does a backpacker do when she needs to hang a set of 4-feet growlight with adjustable height ever 20cm?

2 ceiling hooks, 2 S-hooks, long polyester strings, plus a couple of knots (Tarbuck knots, Trilene knots and Alpine butterflies)

Job done !

''Your jasmines are blooming, Munmun!''

Well done your first pruning-job, MunMun.
The girl went into full-blooms :)

Growing up in spa-bath

Different treatments for different plants. Some prefer mud-bath (soil media); others like spa-bath (hydroponic)!

My plants... hmm, still experimenting to determine who prefers what...

Pakchoy (KY-early from Known-you) grows faster and taller in my hydroponic boxes.

These are the happiest sweet basils I'd ever grown! hydroponic too.

Silverbeet Bright Lights (from Mcgregor, NZ) is a variety that i had not been able to grow beyond the seedling-stage in the past. Note : in soil media.

Yet they look healthy enough in hydroponic, and should grow to maturity ;)

Mornings glories

It's Morning Glory Picotee, from Milkbone. They are just as pretty, in or out of bloom :)

Purpose of life for a cat

What's life if u have to live behind meshes and closed windows, even if it is to secure your safety? What's life if u get unlimited food without having to lift a paw? Yet u can only watch the 'outer space' beyond those windows, and imagine what is the world like outside this tiny 142sqm 'world' that u are not allowed to walk out of?

So do u, a cat also have a purpose in life? Or does your purpose lies only in my life?

What is Kimmi doing when Rummi is studying

The stepping-stool under my workstation.