Dec 7, 2009

First aid to broken stem

What can a gardener do to a Roselle plant with broken main stem, who has shown great determination to continue staying alive for the last two weeks? -Splinting with chopsticks;)

Dec 4, 2009

Retro-parties for Portulacas-Gals.

These gals, they love to party, the 60s style. Look at their silk dresses!

These brainy-looking chaps are really, just average performers.

ID : German heirloom tomatoes, Riesentomate Aus Siebenburgen. Translated as 'brain tomato'. Indeed they look like lumps of brain...

Let's say, this tomato will make its presence as a talking piece, but hardly as a tasting piece.

So *strike out*, no more brainy-looking tomato plant.

Pic was taken before ripening. These are red tomatoes.