Jan 28, 2010

Moonflowers are elegant ladies.

One day, the vines will go into full blooms, and we'll have a balcony-railing dancing with white-ladies :)

Blue attractions - Bunga Telang.

I like blue flowers:) They draw me into the realm of a calm blue ocean. And Bunga Telang flowers are the 'blue-est' I can get on this tropical island.

Here's the flowers in single-petalled form,

and double-petal form.

The plants grows easily, with little maintenance. Let them indulge in abundance of sunshine, and they'll be bloom their heads away. That delighted Kimi-the-cat. She has taken to eating the blue flowers (one big chomp) and leaves!

Jan 1, 2010

Inspiration 2010- It all starts with an ending.

End old habits, start new habits...

End bad practices, start good practices...

Wrap up outstanding work, start new schedules...

Abandon redundant roles, adopt new roles...

Ditch rotten relationships, pick up fresh relationships...

Forgive and forget, write new memories...

...blah blah blah... Tis the new year theme:)

Majoram flowers.

The majorams flowered on the last day of 2009:)

Little white flowers, so tiny that I would have missed it if I haven't been putting my nose on the plants (something tat I enjoy very much given the addictive fragrance of majoram).