Feb 5, 2010

The Sun. They love; I dun; she does sometimes.

The Sun is back. Was yesterday, being the first day of spring on the chinese farmer's calender.

The dinner-plate hibiscus and sunset hibiscus (she's the color of my nonya-kebaya) love it and bloomed lavishly...

I frown with the heat... While kimi enjoys the sun-basking in the morning...
...then she naps on the cool pebbles in the early afternoon... ... and hides in my room while I work hard at the study at mid-day.
Kimi follows me like a shadow as I move around the flat. So her chosen napping-spots must strategically allow her to monitor my movement while she's napping... Like the exit from the study in the pic.
Cats! LOL.

Feb 1, 2010

Rosy CNY & Valentine's day.

Two years of continously viewing pictures of well-kept roses by gardeners on the forum haven't tempted me a drop to grow one. Until...

Its half a month down to Chinese New Year, nurseries are burping CNY-plants! I walked all the nurseries along Kovan and Thomsom, hunting for Jasmine plants (to replace my husband's aged/vigourless 'gals'). Non in sight. Jasmine flowers are white, they do not fit into the festive color codes for CNY.

Then 2 rosy-smiles beamed my way while I was manouvering the narrow path lined with giant mandarin-orange plants. I succumbed.

So here we get a new rosy entrance/exit. And happy valentine's day :)