Jul 30, 2008

Hungry! Waiting for the harvest...

Amidst my busy schedule now, juggling work, study and housekeeping, watching the little balcony garden grow become my top stress-reliever. nevermind if the students or husband or sprained-ankle had been cranky, simply sharing my joy on this blog is good enough to nullify all unhappiness :)

Fruiting tomato, flowering cucumbers and maturing XiaoPaiChai.

Herbs are really fast growing! We just cant seem to be eating them fast enough.

Here's BungaTelang growing up nicely.

Jul 9, 2008

Mini orchids -new decor for ugly waterpipe

Once upon a time, i buy shoes and indulge in salmon-sashimi whenever i feel stressed out, depressed or generally moody...

nowadays, i just go nursery-shopping. LOL

here's 2 new pots of mini-orchids, hung on the waterpipe in the balcony. The decorated pipe turned out to be quite a pleasant decor style :)