Sep 8, 2009

Thumbelinas- i cheer & i wept

Ms Togo Trifle African, such a beauty! Most heirloom tomatoes are. Wonderfully lobated... though I must say that some people think these to be ugly or deformed. Lol.

It will have been a tomato-feast IF all the few dozens fruits grew up to full size. But they didn't. The growing condition and hydroponic solution is right, flowers bloomed in abundance and loaded with pollens, fruits are bountiful. Yet, the fruits are merely little prunes (these are regular round tomatoes), and the plant started to wilt soon after the last vine of fruits set...

The fruits continued to ripen, hanging on the tomato vine, yellowed right to the tips. Amusing and saddening.

Good view of tomato hairs.

Photo taken a minute before green-heaven.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

The fruits are BEEEAUUTIIFFUUULLL... Is a bit sad about the plants though.. but hey, they've lived! :)

Rummi said...

Heirloom tomatoes are best trainers in patience and perseverence ;) LOL

How's ur tomatoes who'd moved into the sunny spot?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

They are flowering and flowering.. but eh, then the flowers drop and no fruits? Can't understand.. Maybe I should move them to a bigger pot, I think?

Rummi said...

Let's say, a 30cm dia Baba-pot (as a gauge for u) is enuff for a tomato plant.

Flower will drop mostly when they are not pollinated, or not properly hand-pollinated. Are u pollinating manually?