Jan 28, 2010

Blue attractions - Bunga Telang.

I like blue flowers:) They draw me into the realm of a calm blue ocean. And Bunga Telang flowers are the 'blue-est' I can get on this tropical island.

Here's the flowers in single-petalled form,

and double-petal form.

The plants grows easily, with little maintenance. Let them indulge in abundance of sunshine, and they'll be bloom their heads away. That delighted Kimi-the-cat. She has taken to eating the blue flowers (one big chomp) and leaves!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh blue peas.. I like them! The double petal one is so nice!

Rummi said...

Want seeds, OPC ? ;)

superkitty said...

oh i didn't know they come in double petals! there used to be lots of single petaled ones in my old school compound and my frens and i used to go pluck them during recess! haha.

Rummi said...

Meow, just like u, Kimi 'pluck' the flowers too- she chomp them down in one mouthful.

There are no more flowers on the plant. Not even a bud left!