Mar 6, 2009

Growing up in spa-bath

Different treatments for different plants. Some prefer mud-bath (soil media); others like spa-bath (hydroponic)!

My plants... hmm, still experimenting to determine who prefers what...

Pakchoy (KY-early from Known-you) grows faster and taller in my hydroponic boxes.

These are the happiest sweet basils I'd ever grown! hydroponic too.

Silverbeet Bright Lights (from Mcgregor, NZ) is a variety that i had not been able to grow beyond the seedling-stage in the past. Note : in soil media.

Yet they look healthy enough in hydroponic, and should grow to maturity ;)


superkitty said...

wow rummi, your garden is sure growing!

Rummi said...

kitten growing. garden growing too. i feel like a blessed woman already :)