Mar 10, 2009

Old grannies' tomatoes are flowering

They are known in their politically-correct names as 'Heirloon tomatoes'. But HT-growers know that they are (mostly) old grannies, slow to grow, takes their rocking-sweet time to flower and fruit; and production can't beat the new-age commercial tomato kids.

Yet we fall in love with their good old taste, and will wait patiently for our good old grannies.

Thought they are flowering now, but it is impossible to put a date on the calendar for that Togo Trifle African Tomatoes salad, and Fautome Du Loas Tomatoes salad... cos we'll never know when they are ready for harvest. LOL

Here's two Trifle African babies.

1 comment:

Jewel said...

They look really delicious! :)