May 24, 2009


Chrysoberyl, a gemstone that's commonly known as 'cat's eyes'. See pic below for comparison ;)

A month's breezed past and I have no new posting. Thought I'll put Kimi up then ;)

We are counting down to a whole week in Bali in June. So plants that were take down (all due to 'natural expiry', none diseased), no replacements were sowed in their places. By now, the previously little and packed balcony-garden looks like its been on some kind of diet-program, obviously down-sized... And looking very much better now with less plant and more space, despite my unwillingness to admit this.


superkitty said...


Blur Ting said...

Oh, I can so relate to that.When I was in my crazy veggie growing phase, I had styrofoam boxes everywhere. Looking back at old photos, I now realise how messy the garden was. Now that they're gone (as I have become more selected of what I grow), the patio looks much better.

Enjoy your vacation!

Rummi said...

remember seeing your blog post on 'previous garden'. both are just as charming ;)

J.C. said...

I am undergoing this period of messiness in my garden ~ more so when I started my vegie planting.

Your cat, Kimi, looks so calm. That's a very nice shot of it!

petunialee said...

I love the cat!! Such a pretty cat!

Rummi said...

petunialee, kimi will like u very much too. u grow lots of yummi-salad (her fav).