Apr 21, 2009

Harvested some veg- hydroponic vs soil

Grown a few rounds of vegetable on hydroponic, and am able to finally draw some conclusions on hydroponic vs soil media. I mean, these are nothing new, many laboratory experiences had been conducted to give experimental results... i just want to see for myself ;)

XiaoBaiCai on left is grown in hydroponic solution, on the left in soil media. At harvest time, the XBC on the left looks obviously 'fatter' & juicier = larger in size, thicker petiole. Kimmi-the-kitten sure knows her food too, she chose the hydroponic XBC. I can even hear the crunchcrunch as she chews on her salad! Good thing it is pesticide-free on our little balcony garden:)

I'd posted previously on the colorful silverbeet. How its impossible in soil media but grew wonderfully in hydroponic nutrients. Here they are, harvested.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Super envious. I'm redoing my garden (still planning only now).. inspired to add more edibles by u and Petunia Lee

Rummi said...

Best lucks to your garden, Version #2 ;)

Oh yes, time invested into planning is what makes the difference between cluttered and productive garden.

We are re-planning ours too in July.