Sep 8, 2009

The balcony evolved...

120kg of pebbles, One happy kitten, and A slimming plan, led to the maturing of our balcony-garden.

The pebbles clearly demarcated the growing strips. Water drained out of pots flow right under the pebbles, keeping the feet and the paws out of the dirt. Thus, the balcony-garden are free to roam again :)

This balcony-garden started at the beginning of 2008. Took a few months to settle into the first completed look in this photo (last Oct), which I liked very much for its dreamy feel sans the congestion (which was a problem this year until The Slimming Plan was written).

The corridor evolved...

Then, it was bare. We lived with a naked corridor for half a year when we moved here.
Now, we rejoiced in the jolly entrances and exits to work everyday. Much skill and confidence were built up along this long journey, gathering up this neat little corridor-collection.

Pests attack our green-pets frequently. Strong wind had blown some down twice in the past. Blankets from above had flown down and broke a branch of the maple tree... yet, we are not dampened in our spirit.

Grow and flourish you will, kids!

Amusing fittonias

I have a soft-spot for fittonias. It started with the first touch at Maggie's garden, feeling the raised veins as I rubbed the leaves between the index finger and thumb.

Then I set eyes on This Fittonia. That must be Love-at-First-Sight! ...though gardeners frequently fall in loves without being able to identify the drive.

Dear Waimun, sweet as he frequently (not always) is, put together a box of four varieties of fittonias, now standing joyfully at the corridor (his designated gardening zone).

Thumbelinas- i cheer & i wept

Ms Togo Trifle African, such a beauty! Most heirloom tomatoes are. Wonderfully lobated... though I must say that some people think these to be ugly or deformed. Lol.

It will have been a tomato-feast IF all the few dozens fruits grew up to full size. But they didn't. The growing condition and hydroponic solution is right, flowers bloomed in abundance and loaded with pollens, fruits are bountiful. Yet, the fruits are merely little prunes (these are regular round tomatoes), and the plant started to wilt soon after the last vine of fruits set...

The fruits continued to ripen, hanging on the tomato vine, yellowed right to the tips. Amusing and saddening.

Good view of tomato hairs.

Photo taken a minute before green-heaven.