Jul 20, 2010

On the 4-year mark comes a revolution !

'Looking back' is the general mood on our little-island with the coming National Day celebration. As Singapore looks back 45-years to the birth of a nation, I nostalgically browsed through my own blog, all the way back to the new-born entry 4years ago, on 4Sep'2007.

Fondly recalled how an apetite for heirloom tomatoes sparked off a new hobby in gardening; which later fireworked into a large collection of complementing edibles, ranging from herbs to fruiting/vegetables, both temperate and tropical. I had great fun, on top of the sweat and misery of failing crops, pests and bad weather.

Approaching the 4-year mark, I feel like a revolution! Not just a superficial makeover to the garden. But a major change- new directions, new working models, new partners.

So the blog took on a new name, 'We Purr As We Grow', inspired by the new purring-partner on this blog. A delighted gardener is just like a delighted cat. We toil and sweat, then sit back and admired our completed task, still heavy in our breathing, and sounding just like a purring-cat !

Bye to 'We Eat So We Grow'. Now 'We Purr As We Grow' :)


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Good to see you back to blogging! Wow.. your new vanilla orchids should be great... just look at your toms!

Rummi said...

Thanks for your very promising encouragement :D