Jul 20, 2010

Vanilla-orchids, new collection to come.

Yesterday, while strolling in the Singapore Garden Festival, a thunderbolt striked me on my inspiration-cap. And the new interest sparked off from there : VA-NI-LA ! I shall start collecting vanilla-orchids, those plants where vanilla-pods are harvested, cured and used as spices.

It doesn't matter how clueless I am on vanilla-growing. There wasn't much entry on the most popular gardening forum in Singapore. Vanilla-growers must have been hidding their secret collections! Psst, if you have one, share your pics with me :)


Ismail N said...

That is a good idea. There are many Sabah traders at mudah.com offering vanilla seedlings but I haven't had the courage to take one home, being a newbie at gardening and so many weeds to pluck out of my small patch of land. Let us know when you do have vanilla orchids around.

Rummi said...

'A small patch of land' can grow u a fortune if u are growing cash-crops ;)

...mine's just a little niche collection of no more than 6plants.

Sijin said...

i have vanilla orchids Rummi, but it takes 3 yrs at least for it to mature. (am still waiting for mine) and it needs specific conditions to flower. did you get it already? :D

Rummi said...

I havent gotten my hands on any yet. Shd be soon.
How does your plant looks like? How much longer are you waiting?

cina_fong said...

Found your blog today, loved it, very funny and witty you are. I just got vanilla crazy recently and went hunting for it in every nurseries finally found it (yay!) last Sunday now happily growing in ground next to curry leaf tree.

Sijin said...

mine's a non variegated plant. it's crawling up the walls now. still prob need to wait for about a year and a half? sighhh... but when i bot it it was already quite big.

Rummi said...

Hi CINA_FONG, thanks for 'finding' me. So that i can now add another interesting blogger, you, to my friends list;)

I have still not located any vanilla plants. None are up for sales at the Taiwan Flora Expo too, to my great disappointment.

If any of you are interested in expanding your collection, there is a cultivator who will be coming to the Orchid show 2011 at Marina Bay Sands end of next year. He will be bringing me vanilla cuttings.