Jul 20, 2010

Vanilla-orchids, new collection to come.

Yesterday, while strolling in the Singapore Garden Festival, a thunderbolt striked me on my inspiration-cap. And the new interest sparked off from there : VA-NI-LA ! I shall start collecting vanilla-orchids, those plants where vanilla-pods are harvested, cured and used as spices.

It doesn't matter how clueless I am on vanilla-growing. There wasn't much entry on the most popular gardening forum in Singapore. Vanilla-growers must have been hidding their secret collections! Psst, if you have one, share your pics with me :)

On the 4-year mark comes a revolution !

'Looking back' is the general mood on our little-island with the coming National Day celebration. As Singapore looks back 45-years to the birth of a nation, I nostalgically browsed through my own blog, all the way back to the new-born entry 4years ago, on 4Sep'2007.

Fondly recalled how an apetite for heirloom tomatoes sparked off a new hobby in gardening; which later fireworked into a large collection of complementing edibles, ranging from herbs to fruiting/vegetables, both temperate and tropical. I had great fun, on top of the sweat and misery of failing crops, pests and bad weather.

Approaching the 4-year mark, I feel like a revolution! Not just a superficial makeover to the garden. But a major change- new directions, new working models, new partners.

So the blog took on a new name, 'We Purr As We Grow', inspired by the new purring-partner on this blog. A delighted gardener is just like a delighted cat. We toil and sweat, then sit back and admired our completed task, still heavy in our breathing, and sounding just like a purring-cat !

Bye to 'We Eat So We Grow'. Now 'We Purr As We Grow' :)