Apr 1, 2009

Balcony update

Our green-pets on the balcony are enjoying their lifes, generally.

Those perched on the low balcony wall get good wind and nice views of the communal garden downstairs.

The siverbeets especially, are enjoying their spa-bath while taking in the views out there.

Missy Picotees (the morning glories) climbed to get an even more advantages viewpoint.

Bay-sir grows himself up and out of the gap between the wall and railing.

All's good. The Hydroponic box of PakChoy (KY-early fr Known-You) was harvested a few rounds before being 'taken down'. Purple french beans are harvested too, and they continue to throw up flowers and new pods. New vegetable seeds are sown. Sweet basils grew up to 40cm tall, and upgraded to their own container. Ditto dills who stand in their own tub, perched on the low wall, looking out of the balcony.

... Except an unlucky chap, Bonsai-Shuimei, who's infected with black spots on the leaves. Skyfiery came visiting yesterday, smelled rat, and got diagnosis from Sixhunter that its probably black spot disease. Tat is a messy problem.

Poor handsome Shuimei got trimmed down brutally (ALL leaves n secondary branches gone), soil changed plus a root trim to downsize the root ball. He probably will take a long time to recover from tis brutal trim down. IF he survives :p

Today will be an April Fool's gardening day -making concoctions to spray down the plants from fungus-growth (in case of spread), and continue fixing the spider mites problem in the mint box.


superkitty said...

very nice morning glory!

Rummi said...

yes, they r sweet :)
collect seeds for u, wan?

Anonymous said...

Hey, are your bakchoy very heavy drinkers?

I transplanted them 2 days ago (was overcrowding) and the very next day it all went limped. Then out of desperation I gave it alot of water - next thing I knew - they came back to life!

Is it the transplanting or is it the water?

Rummi said...

hi fitnessfabulous,
i will guess tat its more likely repotting-stress... usually i will take the repotted plants AWAY from the sun completely on the first day.

u can start counting down to harvest soon ;)

Doreen said...

Did u grow your bay from seed or u purchase from a small plant.

Where did u buy your bay plant. I want to grow and really love your mr bay looks very healthy

Rummi said...

hi doreen, the bay plant was from World Farm at Ban Soon Pah Rd.

saw tat u started a new blog. will keep a look out for ur garden update too;)

Doreen said...

Tks for info will go and try find the bay plant. Anyway when did u purchase the bay plant how big was it.

Rummi said...

There was an earlier posting on the new bay plant (Once upon a time bay-kid). here :) http://rummi-garden.blogspot.com/2008/09/bay-leaves.html