Apr 1, 2009

Colors (2)

Silverbeet Brightlights. Pink and yellow petioles;)

In the 06Mar2009 blog entry, i wrote about them. Now they have already grown up to be big-kids, upgraded to their own pots.


Blur Ting said...

Woah, very impressive!

Rummi said...

The veg? or the gardener?

Blur Ting said...

Credit must be given to the grower lah cos not everyone can manager to coax the veggie to grow so well. By the way, I went to Known You and bought a bunch of seeds. So happy!

Rummi said...

Hehehe, thank u, blurting.

have had a tough journey with gardening, any little credit is big encouragement to rummi ;)

Ooooh, known-you vegs seeds are really large packs. u muz be growing a lot to hv been able to use them up.